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Why Quadium IT Solutions ?

We've blended years of experience in IT, Software Services, Business Systemisation, E-Commerce and traditional Sales & Marketing to help you improve efficiency & quality, reach your customers, build relationships and convert them to sales.

From start to finish, Jason held our hand throughout the entire process. We're now finally in control of our business, and our web-traffic and conversions are up!
Clyde D : Manchester, UK
We've worked with several consultants over the years, but this is the first time someone has really understood us. Our eyes have been opened to several new opportunities...
John W, London, UK
I only wish we'd found you sooner; we'd have saved a lot of wasted time, money and effort. Finally, someone who really understands our business and needs!
Keith R, Texas, USA

EPOS, Stock Control & CRM

Modern EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale), uses customised hardware and software, and usually integrates EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and other management software such as stock control/inventory management, CRM & financial reporting etc. The internet has now opened up new possibilities of cloud-based 'software-as-a-service', which removes dependence on specific platforms and operating systems, and also allows for tablet/iPad style mobile devices to be used.

Choosing, installing and configuring the right system requires a careful analysis of business-needs and operating procedures, to ensure that the full benefit can be achieved.

Planning & Scheduling

Effective planning & scheduling is critical to a highly diverse range of production and engineering companies. Aerospace, automotive, chemical, electrical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and transport & logistics are just some of the sectors that rely upon advanced planning and scheduling IT solutions to optimise production & work-flow, make better decisions and react quickly to changes.

Flexible and powerful tailored solutions, that integrate with current systems, technology and processes are absolutely vital in this area. Proven benefits of time reduction, increases in productivity, decreases in inventory and backlog, and full reporting & visibility can be readily achieved.


An online presence is a must in today's business environment, and there's much more to web development than an attractive home page. The design and development of your website must be approached as the vital business component it is. How it looks, acts and engages your audience is crucial to delivering results. Too many web designers choose 'artful & pretty' over ROI & function, and this is a critical mistake; a site must first and foremost fulfil its task of creating leads, enquiries and sales.

We develop everything from single page micro-sites to full-blown dynamic database & software solutions. Our creative teams specialise in delivering truly amazing online results for our customers - sites that uniquely bridge that gap between functionality and creativity.

Security & Monitoring

Security management and monitoring across IT systems and networks is essential in the modern climate of hacking, spamming and industrial espionage. Information security has now become one of the hottest topics in the world today, as numerous high-profile companies leak personal details and break privacy/trust agreements.

Hacking is now so highly organised and commonplace that it is generally inevitable that a company of reasonable size will be penetrated at some point. Advanced monitoring solutions can define any problem areas that exist and provide management with the tools and information to combat this technical threat.

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Why Choose Quadium IT Solutions ?

14 years of successful commercial delivery

We've been providing commercial IT, software, web and E-Commerce services since 2004, and have our own web/software development team. We practice what we preach, and utilise high-levels of IT systemisation & software-tools throughout.

Over 2,000 clients served internationally

With over 2,000 clients - many of which have been regulars with us for several years - we have both the real-world experience and pedigree to deliver. We are a truly international operation and have clients all over the world.

We talk your language & take the time to understand you

So often, technical ability doesn't translate into a client-friendly jargon-free conversation. We offer a down-to-earth plain-speaking approach, and have operated in hundreds of different markets/verticals. We always take the time to fully understand YOUR business and goals.

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